Is your spouse or significant other exhibiting unusual behavior, causing you to question their commitment to your relationship?
Are you involved in a bitter divorce or custody battle?
Is your ex involved with drugs or drinking too much, causing them to place your children in danger?
Are you involved with or just met the love of your life, possibly through the Internet, a dating service or personal ad?
     Using Your Children To Get Back At You
     Cleaning Out Your Bank Accounts
     Maxing Out Your Credit Cards 
We will conduct a discreet and confidential investigation to provide you with the evidence necessary to give you the peace of mind which comes with knowing your Dream Date is not a Nightmare.
     GPS Tracking
     Asset Searches
In today's society, the services of a Professional Investigator have become an increasingly accepted and affordable way of avoiding unnecessary embarrassment and emotional pain, not to mention financial loss.
We will work personally and confidentially with you or your attorney to help you understand the information we gather. 
This information may confirm what you already believe to be true, or it may put your mind at ease.  Either way...your future, your children's future and their personal safety may depend on it.